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Magnificat to Host the June ‘History Carnival’


UPDATE May 31 – the June History Carnival is now live – please click here or on the tab above.

On or around June 1, Magnificat will take part in what has become an impressive tradition, when we host the 88th History Carnival. Each month since 2005, links to articles from the well-developed history blogosphere are gathered together on one blog and given some commentary for context.

I discovered the monthly carnival at some point and have found them not only an enjoyable and educational read but a terrific way of ferreting out blogs with obscure and fascinating specializations. They’ve all found a home on my RSS reader and many appear in the sidebar of this blog.

A review of past Carnivals (the archive can be viewed here) demonstrates the exciting work being made available on the internet – at least in general history. In addition to the excellent nominations I have already received, I am planning to feature some blogs that focus on the history of music for this installment of the Carnival.

Nominations for the Carnival can be made by writing to the blog (contact@magnificatbaroque.com) or, more officially, by visiting the History Carnival nomination page.

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