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Making the Music of the Past Part of the Future of Music

Future of Music Policy Summit

Magnificat will be attending the Future of Music Policy Summit October 4-6 in Washington DC. The Summit promises to be a fascinating exploration of the ramifications of new technology and communications portals on the production, dissemination, and promotion of music.

The wide range of a range of speakers and panelists for the Summit include US Senator Al Franken, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Daniel Ek, founder of the music service Spotify, as well as artists like Wayne Kramer of MC5, Mike Mills of R.E.M., Erin McKeown, and Brian Message of Radiohead’s management team. From the FoM website:

It’s been nearly a decade since the digital music genie burst out of its bottle, changing the game for virtually everyone in the music ecosystem. So what comes next? Future of Music Policy Summit 2009 will examine this question through practical, musician-focused workshops, keynotes from leading artists, managers and policymakers and inspired panel discussions with the sharpest minds in the music/technology space.

As Magnificat has jumped head first into the deep end of cyberspace over the past few months, we have thought alot about how music lovers will access and interact with music in the future. One of the exciting aspects of the social media revolution has been the emergence of new avenues for communication between audience and performer. Through Twitter and other micro-blogging platforms “fans” have the possibility of following the preparation for a production and sharing the experience with others on a global scale. Photo-sharing sites like Flickr can provide the audience a glimpse “backstage” and give the performers a chance to share their audience’s perspective. And music-sharing portals like last.fm, blip.fm, and many others have radically changed the way listeners access music.

The new technology raises many complex issues and questions of course and we are looking forward to participating in the discussions and break out sessions that address some of these concerns. Magnificat is grateful to The Future of Music Coalition for helping to make Magnificat’s participation in this event possible. The Summit program can be viewed here. The sessions will be webcast here. Magnificat (@MagBaroque) will be live tweeting during the event – #fmc09 – so see you in Twitterspace!

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