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Magnificat Moves San Francisco Concerts to St. Mark's Lutheran

After a decade of performances at St. Gregory Nyssen, Magnificat will be moving our San Francisco performances to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church this season. While we will miss St. Gregory’s, we are excited to be moving to the newly-renovated St. Mark’s (pictured below).

In particular, the new Taylor and Boody organ is a welcome addition. The instrument has a mechanical playing action and stop action, as did all organs until the latter part of the 19th century. Direct linkage between the keys and their valves is made by thin strips of wood called trackers, hence the term tracker organ, which distinguishes this type of construction from those employing more recent developments. Tracker organs are valued for their longevity and the artistic responsiveness of pipe speech to the player’s touch.

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is located in St. Mark’s Square at 1111 O’Farrell St. in San Francisco. St. Mark’s Square, at the corner of O’Farrell St. and Franklin St., is home to the church, the Urban Life Center, and Martin Luther Tower. All spaces in the lot off Gough Street are available on Sundays for St. Mark’s use. (See map below)

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